A Christmas TODO list

peace | 12/07/2018

Does these things fulfill the hearts of my loved ones  

- or my own - really with luck?

Our everyday life is structured by TO DO lists. For this Christmas time, we would like to apply only one single:

Don’t buy presents.
Be present.

We have forgotten to live the moment. Mentally, we are rarely in the mindful now. The focus is on what was. And what will be - or not. We surf the internet while eating and zap through the TV channels.

Give yourselves, your partner, your children, your animals, your friends and all other companions your complete attention. Remember the NOW, leave everything else at the door. Enjoy Christmas and everything that goes with all your senses.


Don’t wrap gifts.
Wrap someone in a hug.

Gentle touches are important. A hug does not need big words. And say so much. We accept the opposite, expressing our affection and love in the most beautiful way possible. These are gifts for the soul.

Don’t send gifts.
Send peace.

Give a smile on the street. Leave someone at the supermarket checkout. Swipe reproaches, ALWAYS and NEVER, out of your conversations. Join your fellow human beings CONSCIOUSLY and attentively.

Don’t shop for food.
Donate food.

We at the Goldener Berg consciously focus on quality rather than quantity. We attach great importance to the origin of the products we use. It is important to us to support farmers from the region, to feed ourselves healthy and in the annual rhythm of nature.

You can generally think about making a donation instead of a gift.

Don’t search for the lights.
Be the light.

Often we seek our luck, the Christmas magic, the satisfaction in the outside. We read guides, chasing "instructions for happiness", having expectations that CAN NOT be met.

But you know something? We believe it does not work that way. We believe that happiness comes from silence.

Many people look for "the good old Christmas" - where the family sits at a table, all are relaxed and spend a pleasurable time. It is in your hands.

Make Christmas a magical time full of gratitude, love and light. And joyfull - whatever that means for you personally.

We love to host Christmas celebrations with us in the Goldener Berg. Our guests will be pampered, enjoy excellent food and the unique panorama of Oberlech. Click here for our restaurants.

We look forward to seeing you - and to magical #goldenmoments at over 1,700 meters.