Holistic Selfcare at the Goldenen Berg

peace | 03/19/2024

Self-care guide Aileen Esé Aggreh talks about what she does

The mountains. The air. Your own rhythm. Here, on the Goldener Berg, at an altitude of over 1,700 metres, there is space and room. Space that can be filled with your own being. At a time when we are often determined by others and have to adhere to predetermined frameworks, we are allowed to be ourselves here. To be us. BE. Holistic self-care - a broad term. As broad as we humans are. The intention is and always has been to do something good for ourselves. In the moment. What our body, mind and soul want right now. Whether that's meditation, a yoga session, a sparkling drink with a breathtaking view or a visit to the wellness area. Anything you like. Self-care guide Aileen Esé Aggreh is happy to support you - and today she writes about what she does.

A warm welcome to you! My name is Aileen and I am a self-care counsellor at the Goldener Berg in Oberlech. I am delighted to be able to introduce this area to you and hope you enjoy reading and finding out more!

My tasks at the Goldener Berg include counselling sessions on the topics of nutrition, activities and treatments in close connection with the ideas and goals of the guests. Among other things, more exercise through yoga or hiking, trying out a vegan or alkaline diet, detoxing or pure relaxation are on the wish list. I am happy to advise on the various options.

I am happy to create an individual programme that is tailored to your needs. From spa treatments such as massages, lymphatic drainage or detox packages to activities such as yoga, alpine bathing, meditation, rituals or coaching sessions - I am happy to be there for you and work with you to organise your stay according to your wishes. My coaching training enables me to act spontaneously and according to your needs, and I will be happy to advise you on how to make your holiday a relaxing one.

I love this work very much because it picks people up on many levels. There are many different aspects to well-being - at the Goldener Berg we can cater to our guests individually, provide new impulses and strengthen existing resources.

Stets nach dem Credo: Alles kann, nichts muss.

The choice is yours!

We work with nature: the power and tranquillity of the mountains, the regional and seasonal food, the fresh mountain spring water. For me, these are also factors that people sense when they stay with us. Here is a place to slow down. To ground yourself. To find yourself.

But I also see it as my job to bring about lasting change. A holiday in the Goldener Berg - the first step has been taken.

Perhaps a yoga class is already waiting for you at home? Would you like to continue your vegan diet? Can you incorporate short meditation sessions into your everyday life to ensure more peace and relaxation?

Holistic self-care - at the Goldener Berg is all-encompassing, multi-faceted and tailored to you. With my support, if you wish. I look forward to meeting you and accompanying you on your journey!

All the best

PS: You can book your holiday as part of one of the popular packages. You can find an overview HERE, and you can also browse through the rooms.