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peace | 06/26/2020

Let go with the four elements - for more lightness

An old german proverb from the Alps says, "Jeder hat seinen Rucksack zu tragen". This means things from the past that don't let go of us, burdening weight (from experiences and adventures) that we havn't completed well. Today we present four possibilities how you can create active rituals with the help of the four elements. Step by step we will experience more lightness in our relationships and in our lives through the mindful handling of our feelings and thoughts.

First of all, it is all about recognition. Which beliefs catch up with me again and again? Which thoughts can I not escape from? Which experiences happen over and over again? Which memories don't let me go? Which feelings sometimes take over?

There are so many things that want to be let go, healed and redeemed. Start with one topic - and new layers of recognition will always appear.

1. Let go and clean with the wind

The element wind has a wonderful cleaning effect. Open yourself up with the intention of let something go today. Energy follows attention. With this decision you already set something in motion. Let yourself be guided - and find an undisturbed place in nature.

Now spread out your arms and feel the element wind with its power. Greet him - introduce yourself and present your request. Ask the wind to take what you want to let go and clean it. Stay as long as it feels good for you. Thank the wind for its help and say goodbye.

2. Let go and clean with the water

The element of water helps to bring things that have got stuck back into flow. It has a calming effect and gives strength. Indigenous people particularly admire water springs - for them they are the direct access to Mother Earth.

When you are performing a water ritual, you are entering a water of your choice. Some people love lakes, some feel especially comfortable at small streams - follow your intuition and find your personal water-power-place. On the way to the water place you can build a small "let go boat". All you need is a small piece of bark on which you put flowers or stones - as a symbol for the things you want to let go. When you are arrived, introduce yourself and make your request - you want to be cleaned and let go of something.

If it feels right to you, let the little boat slide into the water and watch your worries being carried away.

Finally, you can wash your face and hands with the water. Say thank you for the beautiful ritual and - if you like - throw small flowers into the water as a thank you.

3. Let go with the fire

The element fire has a strong transforming power. The purple flame is considered to be the symbol of purification. To do a ritual of release with fire, write your requests on a piece of paper. Light a fire (can also be a candle) and burn the things on your piece of paper consciously.

Scatter the cold ashes in nature and thank the fire for its power.

4. Let go with the earth

Mother Earth. Her love gives power and strength to many people who open themselves to it. She also absorbs worries and fears. Whoever feels called by Mother Earth can do the following ritual of letting go:

Find a place in nature. Stand with your legs apart (preferably barefoot) on the earth. Imagine how golden roots grow from your feet into the earth - very deep into the earth, to the centre of earth.

At these roots let everything flow down that you no longer need. Stress, fear, memories - everything that is no longer good for you, may flow to Mother Earth.

Feel the red power, that now fills the emptiness in your body and in your aura. Mother Earth gives you trust, strength and love - enjoy this motherly security and then thank her for her being.

Let speak your intuition  - choose from your belly and from your heart which element is the greatest contribution for you and which force works best for you at the moment. Be patient with you - things that have bothered us for years often need more attention and care before they can go.

Stay neutral towards everything that comes up. Anger, fear and aversion only reinforce feelings even more.

Try to go into the energy of calmness, relaxation and joy - and pay conscious attention to how your body feels BEFORE and AFTER letting go.

Yes, it is sometimes exhausting to work on yourself and take one developmental step after the next. But that is what we are here for.

We wish you all the best and we are looking forward to welcome you back with us!

A timeout in the mountains
The magical silence early in the morning.
The heartwarming blush in the evening.
The crystal-clear mountain air, which exhilarates body, mind and soul.
Arrive. Coming home. Peak moments that remain forever in your heart.


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