Selfcare & Relaxation in autumn - Tips for feeling good in the cold season

love | 10/27/2020

Autumn is the season,
in which nature turns the page.

Pavel Kosorin

Autumn moves across the country - and, as Pavel Kosorin says, a page turns in the great book of cycles. The current season brings many changes with it - some are beautiful, some demand a lot of us. We dedicate the current blog to the topic "Selfcare and Relaxation in Autumn" - so you will also get well through the next few weeks!

Tip 1: Feel good with the power of nature

Have you thought about preparing your personal St. John's wort oil in summer? If not, you can do so next year and buy one this autumn in the pharmacy. The oil is applied to the skin after a shower and is wonderfully relaxing. St. John's wort can strengthen the psyche, promote well-being and accompany you through the "autumn blues". Furthermore, rubbing St. John's wort oil into the skin provides a protective layer of light around the personal energy field.

Furthermore, you should get out into the fresh air in autumn whenever you have time. It is important to strengthen ourselves with the sun - especially on days that are getting shorter and shorter, excursions into nature provide strength and fresh energy for body, mind and soul. Autumn nature like local berries such as rose hip, rowanberry or blackthorn, provide a soothing energy kick.

Tip 2: An individual aromatic essence for the autumn

If you also want to do something good for yourself, an autumnal feel-good fragrance mixture is recommended. You can intuitively choose the fragrances that appeal to you - or you can mix according to a recipe. There are incredibly many different scent compositions - the basis for your personal autumn aroma essence is as follows:

  • A dark spray bottle
  • Liquid in a mixing ratio of 50:50 (distilled water and at least 38% alcohol)
  • A few drops of your favourite aromatic oils

Ideas for a soothing autumn blend:

  • Orange, Cinnamon, Clove & Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Rosemary & Thyme
  • Orange, Tangerine, Lavender & Vanilla

Please consult a qualified aroma therapist before processing.
For some oils there are contraindications which must be observed.

Tip 3: Making the best use of time

We live in a time that is determined by deadlines, times and procedures. It's good to get back to nature - autumn is a time of comfort and retreat. Many people fight against tiredness and lack of energy - qualities that we can actually use - especially in autumn.

There is a time for seeding and growing (spring), a time for tending and harvesting (summer), times for introspection and rest (autumn and winter). In summer, when the days are long, it is easy to do a lot and be active in the evening. Those who feel the desire for comfort and doing nothing in autumn should calmly give in to this inner call.

We can celebrate autumn. With good books, heated wood stoves, cosy blankets and strokes for body, mind and soul. We can put on warm jackets and dance through the colourful leaves. And we can make ourselves comfortable with a cup of tea in front of the window and watch nature in turning the page.

...the autumn (and ourselves) with all its qualities

As inside, so outside.

For all those whom the SPIRIT of the Austrian Alps calls:

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