Eating with value at the Golden Mountain

love | 06/20/2022

When dealing with the topic of nutrition, one encounters a wide variety of philosophies, views and studies. The fact that a healthy diet contributes significantly to health is now beyond question. In order to integrate "healthy eating" into one's personal life in a way that is easy to implement, it is necessary to find the most suitable variant for the individual. We have roughly decided on three different forms that we offer in the hotel. Our guests enjoy alkaline natural cuisine, vegan or vegetarian dishes, or ketogenic meals upon request. Today we would like to introduce you to these three in more detail.

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Alkaline natural cuisine in the Golden Mountain

This type of diet, as the name suggests, focuses on alkaline cuisine. Numerous studies show that acid-forming foods can easily lead to an over-acidification of the body and thus to chronic ailments such as sleep disorders, allergies and the like. Too much meat, dairy products, sugar, coffee and alcohol are considered particularly acid-forming. In combination with too little exercise and a stressful everyday life, this can lead to health problems. As part of the alkaline natural cuisine, we serve alkaline-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, selected nuts and healthy sprouts and seeds. These foods form the basis of the delicious dishes.

For guests who choose these dishes, we recommend additional alkaline baths and salt wraps.

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Vegan/vegetarian food on vacation

Many top athletes are leading the way - Lewis Hamilton and Novak Djokovic, for example, already eat a completely vegan diet. The idea that meat is a must for good health has long been outdated. Scientific studies have shown that abstaining from eating animal products can lead to a significant improvement in well-being after only a short period of time. The Western affluent diet has many pitfalls - and so we recommend that our guests use their vacation to indulge in vegan or vegetarian dishes. The creative Plant based alpine cuisine shows the variety and versatility of vegan or vegetarian cuisine.

Liver wraps, for example, are ideal to support the detoxification of the body.

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Eating ketogenic/"low carb" as the latest healthy hype

For many people, a ketogenic diet is an ideal way to fit into their daily routine. This form of nutrition relies on a high-fat, but low-carbohydrate and low-sugar composition of the food. The lack of carbohydrates changes the human metabolism. One gets into ketosis and instead of glucose burns the ketone bodies, which are formed in the liver. We will be happy to create an individual meal plan for you after consultation. For maximum taste with maximum health!

Various treatments in the spa area support our guests in changing their diet. We will be happy to advise you personally and individually!

Here at the Golden Mountain, you can enjoy delicious 4- to 5-course menus in the various restaurants every day. No matter which variant you choose - we will serve you the best products from the region and guarantee you high-quality enjoyment during your vacation in the Golden Mountain!

Click here for our sample menus - wonderfully varied, delicious and healthy!

We are not advocates of strict measures or lifelong renunciation. We strive to show the pleasurable side of different diets and are always very happy when we can convince with the dishes all along the line. Perhaps soon you too, dear reader!